English Dub Review: Sonny Boy “Two Years Vacation”



Nagara and Mizuho make it back. Everyone has another version of themself here but are they the same? Mizuho doesn’t remember Nagara. What was this two-year vacation?

Our Take:

Well, I wouldn’t say that Sonny Boy makes as much sense as I would have liked but I still enjoyed it. I feel like this episode was very bittersweet and to be honest, I am still processing it. I am not a huge fan of everyone getting what they want except for the main character. I understand that is how real life often goes but it’s still unsatisfying to get from a story in my opinion. Depending on your take of Nozomi as a character she might not have gotten what she wanted either but that also depends on whether you think that Nozomi is even Nozomi in the first place. Confusing right??

I think the biggest thing I am going to take from Sonny Boy is how trippy it was coupled with the fun and simple animation style they used. I really enjoyed the show and do recommend it but I am really excited to jump into it with the season review I am doing. It was a fitting end but I am a little sad to see it go.


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