English Dub Review: Sonny Boy “This Salmon Chazuke Is Missing Its Salmon Nya”



In a vast frozen waste, twins Sou and Seiji have been fighting each other for millennia. Ms. Aki says that to change the world, they need the twins’ “Reverse” power, and Nagara and Mizuho come to assist…

Our Take(Possible Spoilers):

Well, Sonny Boy is starting to make a little bit of sense. But only a little bit, don’t expect to get it quite yet. We got three episodes left after all. It’s not as head-scratching as it was though and that’s a good sign for the conclusion.

Mizuho’s relationship with her cats makes a lot more sense now. They’ve been with her since she was very young and it seems like they know her better than anyone else. Though in typical cat fashion they are still kind of ambivalent towards humans. It was cool hearing them talk but I’m still not sure if it’s because of a power or just the show finally clueing us into it. It was pretty cool how Yamabiko could understand them too but didn’t snitch on them.

We are also starting to get some clarity on what might have set everyone adrift and some of the powers. Mizuho’s power essentially copies things but if I understand it correctly it’s actually the cats that do it. Her copying power might be part of what set everyone adrift because it seems like the cats didn’t want to be separated from her but that might happen soon. It was a bit hard to follow but that was what I gathered.

There are also other factors that led to people going adrift but Mizuho’s cats are worried that if the truth got out everyone would blame her and she would be in danger. I’m going, to be honest, this episode kind of changed my opinion on cats. Sure they’re assholes but they also care a lot and I think that’s pretty cool. They’re a little selfish but I think it shows that they might be more human-like than we give them credit for.

Things are starting to come together and there was some character progression as well. I really like Nagar and Nozomi’s relationship and hope it continues to progress. It’s obvious they care deeply for each other and understand the other very well. Personally, I’m Team Mizuho but I know a sinking ship when I see one, unfortunately. Only time will tell though!