English Dub Review: Smile of the Arsnotoria “SSSS—–”


After Solow sees Pentagram running in the hallway, she decides to hold a special lesson on how to walk like a lady.

Our Take

Even with the character rivalries in this show, it still feels quite tame and lighthearted. And so far, everyone is learning from each other as well. However, we’re now officially 10 episodes in, and it feels like we’re finally following the initial premise.

As for the etiquette subplot, I’m not sure how I feel about the student council president yet but it’d be more fun if I knew who these other characters are that are now part of the cast. Unfortunately, watching girls walk back and forth for 10 minutes is probably one of the more tedious things I can do without.

Overall, I want to know the thought process the writers/producers had when they decided to fund this show. Who the fuck was this made for? Was this truly a show intended for first-time audiences to introduce them to a Japanese-only mobile game this Anime was based on? Or was it for people who already had knowledge about the characters? If that’s the case, then it fails completely in its purpose of promoting the original game. With 2 episodes left, I’m hoping this will all culminate towards something that makes sense in the long run…