English Dub Review: Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It r=sin0 “Science-types Fell in Love, So They Tried Taking a Nap”



Even after Professor Ikeda recommends that Ibarada proceeds on a doctoral course, she can’t make up her mind about what she wants to do. But after experiencing a little of Professor Ikeda’s deep love for strength training, she strives to complete some sit-ups, an activity she isn’t used to doing, on the sofa. As she does, Kosuke looks on in fascination. Meanwhile, Himuro has caught a cold due to the changing of the seasons. Worried for her, Yukimura goes to her apartment to check on her, but the flush and heat of her fever have given her a coquettish appearance that sends Yukimura’s heart racing. At that very moment, Kanade shows up and Himuro promptly hides Yukimura under her comforter.

Our Take:

Did you know the best place to hide when someone is feeling sick was under the covers in between their thighs? Neither did I but I guess I’ll remember that for next time. I think that might be my biggest problem with the second season of this anime. I might need to rewatch the first season but I don’t remember there being quite so much fanservice in this as there has been in this season. Fan service isn’t bad by any means but I kind of liked how wholesome Himuro and Yukimura’s relationship was.

I could be wrong but Himuro’s VA sounded different this episode. Himuro did have a cold so maybe they were playing into that to sound different. I hope it’s the same person because I thought she really brought Himuro to life.

Inukai found out that Ibarada is his ideal type and doesn’t know how to handle it. That might be the pairing I want to happen the most. We already know that Himuro and Yukimura are going to be together but there is at least some mystery there.

Some technical issues with Crunchyroll I have noticed have to do with their translations. I love how quickly they have been getting the dubs out but I really wish they would translate the stuff on the screen. They do translate it all eventually because I have watched an episode again the next day after reviewing it and it’s all there but that doesn’t help for people who only watch the day it’s released. In this episode, it was especially detrimental because there was a whole segment that was nothing but Japanese text so I didn’t really understand what was going on.