English Dub Review: Plunderer “Uniforms Are Uniforms”


Overview (Spoilers Below)
We’re introduced to two members of the military: Lynn and some other guy I don’t care to learn the name of for reasons you’ll find out in a bit. Lynn’s a very helpful member of her community, while the other is basically lazy and uncaring. Things seem to be going fine until a disguised Licht shows up and sexual harassment ensues.

Meanwhile, Nana’s visited by a Lieutenant of the military, who wishes to know the whereabouts of Licht. Nana attempts to lie, but the Lieutenant sees through this and freezes her feet to the ground. As such, Nana gives him a slight twist on the information he seeks. The Lieutenant, however, still sees through her rouse and goes the opposite direction that Nana states.

Our Take
Welp, I’m three episodes in and I’ve had about all I can take with this show. This show gives zero shits towards the treatment of its female cast, and it’s seriously disheartening. Why would I want to watch a woman getting repeatedly harassed over the course of twenty-three or so minutes? Who on earth would find that enjoyable?

Honestly, Lynn is such a sweet character here, yet she is constantly taken advantage of. Rather than allowing her to simply be a positive force within her community, she’s basically just a tool for harassment and perversion here. It’s even more disgusting that her count goes up from these supposed “good” deeds. I get her count is based on helping those in desperate need. However, it’s not an excuse for what is clearly a harassment-ladened episode. I honestly feel bad for Lynn here, she doesn’t deserve any of this. She’s such a helpful person to her community, and yet she gets harassed the entire episode. It’s horrible.

To continue, the other character we meet here is, simply put, a dick. He cares not a damn about his job, is just as perverted as the others, and constantly looks down on Lynn. Would it kill any character in this show to treat women with respect? The majority of the plot essentially begins due to his suggestion to have Lynn help the disguised Licht. His actions just kept getting worse and worse! I seriously think my jaw dropped at one point or another, either at the bridge sequence or the groping sequence. He just actively encourages this behavior, if he’s not the perpetrator behind it himself! I’m so furiously disgusted by him. Absolutely unacceptable by all counts.

The only good thing I can say about this episode is the extra world-building here. Lynn’s helpful characteristics are a sweet charm to see, one that can definitely be used in reality. Heck, she goes out of her way to help anyone in need, even if it does nothing to her own count. That’s some amazing selfless behavior there! She’s definitely a role model that serves as a great reminder to help those in need within society.

To conclude, this is just one massive disappointment after the other. This is yet another show that I legitimately wanted to enjoy, but just cannot. There’s no way I can be supportive of a show that constantly treats its female cast like dirt, making them into nothing more than a tool for harassment. The series may have some great world-building, some colorful scenery, and charming characteristics from its female cast. However, it ultimately squashes all of that by just going the lazy and pathetic route of sexual harassment and perversion. Based on the next episode’s preview, this is only going to get worse. If I were you, I’d jump off this ship and watch something else.

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