Overview (Spoilers Below)
Hina catches up to Licht thanks to a hunch by way of Nana, but it isn’t long before the duo runs into someone else attempting to act on a hunch, Pelmo. Pelmo is a plane engineer who wishes to build the perfect instrument for manned flight. She’s tried a litany of times with test models of her designs, but it isn’t until she gets a design from Licht where she’s able to get a model that truly has the potential for flight. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to engineer airplanes and when the army hears about this they give Pelmo a whole bunch of guff. With the quick-thinking of Licht, trouble is averted, but not before Pelmo’s number is literally up and won’t be able to see her creation in action. Pelmo dies, but what’s going on with Licht’s eye?

Our Take
Kind of a sad tale this week as I was really pulling for Pelmo to be able to see her creation come to life. Instead, numerous twists abound made this not happen, and as such, a random and somewhat disheveled effort instead turns into a pleasant surprise. I still wish we would knock off some of the jokes and let’s see this show get down to the brass tax in terms of what it wants to do, but I still found myself pleasantly entertained.

John Schwarz

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