English Dub Review: My Hero Academia “Encounter”

We encounter the season two finale of My Hero Academia.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

My Hero Academia season 2 episode “Encounter” opens at the League of Villains haunt. Tomura speaks with a man and woman who express a desire to join the League. The girl appears innocent and young, but it’s reported that she’s responsible for a string of murders. While the man isn’t behind a slew of crimes, his convictions remain strong. But Tomura isn’t pleased with either. Instead, he’s frustrated that Hero Killer Stain essentially hijacked the League of Villains’ momentum.

Meanwhile, the U.A. High School students prepare for camp. Despite what was initially told, all of the students are graced with the opportunity to attend camp. In fact, it’s most important for the students that failed the practical exam to attend. Because of their failure, these students require additional practice.

Before their camp excursion, the kids decide to take a shopping trip. There’s a bit of development in Deku’s relationship with Ochaco here. But Tomura shows up and requests a chat with Midoriya. A rather forcible request, that is.

Our Take

My Hero Academia entry “Encounter” is a fitting culmination of the season. It really ties up the show’s sophomore season well. There’s even a sort of a meta moment where a few kids notice the U.A. students and praise them for their work during the Sports Fest. One student quips that they’re impressed anyone remembers the Sports Festival. With so much that occurred during My Hero Academia season 2, that story arc feels far off.

Just as in its first season run, the League of Villains is an ever-present threat. It’s clear that All Might is destined for potential demise, or at the very least a major battle with the League. From its pacing to content, and even music, “Encounter” is a solid final chapter in the My Hero Academia season 2 book, as well as one of the best episodes in the series.


Moe Long

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