English Dub Review: Mix “You’re Praying For Help”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

Meisei is in the quarter-finals with Kaiou Nishi high school where the game is a bit more competitive than usual due to the fact that To is resting his arm and playing in left field. Toushou High has already advanced, and while it’s easy for both that team and Meisei to feel that the upcoming game is in the bag, they gotta win this one first. We’ll find out next week if they do.

Our Take

Instead of stretching this week’s episode out with a whole bunch of random scenic shots about nothing, I would’ve preferred to see more baseball action. Especially because it’s a game that features different players pitching and whatnot that I don’t think we had been previously introduced to before, it would’ve been nice to maybe get a little back story on them and get to know them instead of 15 shots of the clouds overhead. Even the subtle nudges of the potential romantic flings that could be on the way only get a couple of seconds at best and are poorly edited/directed.

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