English Dub Review: Mix “You’re A Pitcher, Right?”

More like left.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

After Meisei gets rocked in the first round of the summer tournament, the Tachibana brothers are potentially looking into a change of scenery. As luck would have it, the Seinei school is looking for a catcher (So) and possibly a third base player (To), so the duo decides to head down to the field with Takumi Nishimura to try out. However, the tryout doesn’t go the way we thought it would because To tries out for pitcher and literally no one on this team would be able to catch for him unless if it was his own brother. The brothers decide against joining the school and instead head on home.

Meanwhile, Eisuke has an old buddy drop by while Takumi tries to find out the name of Tachibana’s sister so as to begin a courtship.

Our Take

Slowly, but surely, the more dramatic elements of Mix are starting to come to pass and provide another level of satisfaction for the series. We’re building out new characters and getting engaging backstories at the same time that tie into the integral plot and it’s all getting exciting. One of the facets of Mix that I’m becoming increasingly impressed with is the direction by Odahiro Watanabe who puts such care and tender details into the more soapy parts of the episode but is also very adept at catching the action-packed sequences. Yes, some of the technical flaws of the sport of baseball are very much here, but that’s more on Atsuhiro Tomioka than anyone else who clearly has more of a focus on the spectacle of the anime rather than appeasing the die-hard baseball fans out there like me. This is fine, but hopefully, this doesn’t get too problematic as we get through the series.

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