English Dub Review: Mix “I’m Big Brother and You’re Little Brother”


What up, bro?

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode sees Otomi buy a dog which she might need because she’s got some of the local boys pining for her. So’ knows this and, as a result, leaves it up to Toe to stay home and watch her while the catcher is out on dates. There’s a tiny morsel of baseball drama, but nothing too drastic.

Our Take

Despite the synopsis promising a dueler’s battle for the ace, there isn’t that much to it. Toe recognizes the fact that in high school, favor goes to seniority and, as such, is just biding his time until it’s his. We do get some flashbacks that kind of help further set the table as to why So’ is overly protective of his sister who, we learn, can be very shy at times.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report on a series that’s supposed to have a bunch of baseball in it. We’re two episodes in and other than delivering practice jerseys, not a whole lot goes on here. I hope more action is coming soon because I’m already bored.

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