English Dub Review: Mix “Full of Spirit”



Overview (Spoilers Below)

Meisei and Senkou High Schools begin practicing for their upcoming clash and Haruka join the teach coached by her father as a new trainer. Meanwhile, the boys’ soccer team are witnesses to Otomi’s loss to a rival in a swim lap. Turns out she was just getting some guy’s keys at the bottom of the pool which caused a delay in her swim time but gains the love of Ryo Akai.

Our Take

Baseball takes a back seat to swim and, to a lesser extent, soccer this week combined with your standard romantic comedy slice-of-life type of material. Guys chasing girls, girls chasing guys, jealousy and competition. It’s all here folks! I rather did enjoy the swim action sequences which, mixed with the baseball seasons, give us two sides of a very well-produced coin. Everything in between you can have, but the sports action is gonna have to be the stuff that keeps me interested.

John Schwarz

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