English Dub Review: Mix “Big News, Right?”

Very big news.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week we finish up the practice game between Toushou High and Meisei High. In it, Hiroki pitches a perfect game and gets the win for Toushou, but it’s To who gets a lot of the admiration from all watching due to his seven innings pitched giving up only two hits. Unfortunately, Meisei was already down 5-0 when he got in the game so it was for a losing effort, but everyone was impressed regardless.

Our Take

I don’t quite get why everyone makes a fuss out of impressing their own sisters, especially Hiroki who gets visibly upset when his sister leaves early to catch the soccer game. In any event, the game sets up the eventual rematch that will count this time, but I really enjoy the full episodes about baseball as they are by far the most fun to watch. The action sequences between the various positions are fun even if the only batters we really focus on for Meisei are the bottom of the order. This is kinda like how a lot of the Mighty Ducks movies play out, introduce us to the main competition early then watch the young up and coming team hopefully come into their own by the time we get to the rematch. It works all the time, however, with anime, it will be interesting if the producers waste a bunch of time with the off-field stuff thereby making the rematch a chore to get to, or will we get to continue on with fun baseball episodes. Let’s wait and see.

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