English Dub Review: Mix “Aren’t You Taking Him Lightly?”


We shouldn’t.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode is mostly flashbacks and character building. For starters, we learn about Sou and Otomi’s past by way of the Chinese Ramen, more specifically that Soi & Otomi’s father was part of the Meisei team years ago and made it to the quarter-finals. As the present-day teams’ prep for the Eastern Tokyo tournament.

Coach Goro really wants Soi to pitch for him, but the catcher essentially explains that his brother is a way better pitcher and that the team is better going with To if they want Meisei in the finals. We also learn more about the Akai brothers, Ryo, who has been teased in prior episodes as a potential love interest for Otomi, and Tomohito, a power hitter for Kenjo High.

Our Take

I like a lot of the little details this show features in its presentation. For example, how the series uses a throwback VHS-style rewind to lead us into the flashback sequences and the unique character designs for each of the characters. The plots for the episode does a good job of setting the table for the second half of the season, chess pieces in play for both the incoming ball games and the off-field high school drama.

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