English Dub Review: Million Arthur “Demise of Legend”

Fairy Combine? More like failure to combine.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Dancho is feeling self-conscious that she and Nuckelavee haven’t combined. Tekken, on the other hand, optimistically doesn’t let it affect him (unlike Titania.) The gang detects two bands of Arthurs in different locations, so Dancho takes Tekken with her to one of them while the others take care of the rest. After defeating them, Pharsalia appears — specifically to taunt Dancho about how she can’t Fairy Combine. She also warns that wanting to be that powerful won’t bring them any happiness, and “jokes” that it makes her want to destroy all of them even more.

On their way home, Dancho and Tekken encounter an injured soldier, who says that an army of invaders has arrived. The duo goes out to fight them on their own, unbeknownst to the rest of the gang. Dancho tries to figure out how to Fairy Combine on the battlefield, but is injured. Titania then opens up to Tekken about how she doesn’t feel like she’s strong enough to combine with him — but he reassures her. They fight in sync, and combine — defeating the army. Pharsalia and Youhei look on, observing their power, which triggers a sudden sense of purpose in Pharsalia: to destroy the gang before they get too powerful for this world.

She goes in to destroy them, but Youhei makes her reconsider (temporarily.) She gives them a week to leave and go back to the future. Otherwise, they’re to die by her hands.

Our Take

Every episode so far has highlighted how nonsensical it is for Dancho to be the leader. Even episodes that were supposed to highlight why she kept the group together fell flat, because she’s broken so many of her promises to her team already — most having to do with her behavior. Even Tekken, the allegedly “simple-minded” one of the team has had his heroic qualities underlined this episode (wherein Dancho had none.)

This season has done an okay job with at least attempting to give the fairies more individual screen time, but with how half baked the cast already is, the Fairy Combine scenes aren’t as impactful as they could be. They definitely give off more emotion than most of the scenes in the show, but that’s saying something. Overall, the fairies feel more like Pokemon than people.

Speaking of fairies, Pharsalia took a turn for the weird this episode. Seeing her be so carefree and chaotic the entire season, only for her to suddenly turn into a goal-driven robot this episode seemed pretty random. How is she just realizing her purpose is to kill the gang? Better yet — why does she need a “purpose?” She was much more enjoyable as a chaotic neutral force who did what she wanted. If she was so suddenly concerned about order in the world, why did she change the future by killing Bartos and saving Florien? Why isn’t she concerned about her own level of power?

It’s not too late to change the future of this show.

(Or is it?)

Kayla Gleeson

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