English Dub Review: Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table “Not a Curse”



We get part two of the puppet show. Krusty fights back and seemingly breaks his curse. Kanami and her group have a fight of their own. Elias is fighting for the other side at the moment and strikes out at Kanami’s group. Shiroe gets an idea of what Krusty is up to.

Our Take: 

Part two of the puppet show starts almost immediately as the episode starts. I almost feel like the showrunners heard me saying this show hasn’t had much action and said “Let’s shut him up”. The last two episodes have been almost nothing but action and I have really enjoyed it. It isn’t quite what Log Horizon is known for but I think they are doing a good job. When there isn’t tons of action it means when there is you should really pay attention.

If you haven’t been paying attention I am very pro-Krusty so anything letting him strut his stuff is a plus in my book. He fought against a very tough opponent and you would think he was at a disadvantage since he was cursed. Well, in typical Krusty fashion he proved that as the episode title states “It’s not a curse”. Some of the verbiages got me a little lost but I understood that Krusty isn’t cursed anymore because he read the fine print of his curses basically. Pulled a Shiroe move there.

Since I didn’t get a chance to cover season two I didn’t really get to talk about Kanami and her group. Since they are pretty prevalent in this mini-arc I will mention them. I really, really liked Kanami anytime she was shown, but since the end of season two pretty much dashed any chances of her and Shiroe I jumped on the Akatsuki train. I still really like her character and she is really awesome but I will admit I am biased to romantic sub-plots. It’s why I want Krusty to get back so he and Rayneshia can finally work that out.

I think the coolest character in Kanami’s group though is Leonardo. Who totally is not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He is dressed like one and is an assassin which I think is ninja adjacent. Leonardo gets the unfortunate job of facing off against the raging and now foe Elias. Elias you may remember is essentially the hero of this world so fighting him is not fun. He is cursed too though and can’t get people below twenty-five percent hp. This was one of the best fight scenes in the series for me and I really enjoy seeing Leonardo fight. Why do all of my favorite characters have to be on the other side of the world?

Long story short, Leonardo knocks Elias out of it and Krusty cures his “not” curse. The animation was good and the fights were well done. I think we are returning to form, though I still am a bit disappointed about the previous arc. A bright future seems ahead though.

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