English Dub Review: Lastman “Parameters My Ass”

Holy hell, this thing’s crazy.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

While Richard and Duke are doing the dirty business in the ring, Siri is taken by a Wren which makes for the cause of alarm for Howard who is supposed to be watching her. Eventually, Richard rejoins Howard and Siri in a battle against the Wren at the end of which we learn a very important secret about Siri.

Our Take

By far, the most killer fight scene I have seen in animation for 2017 with the lone exception being Samurai Jack which is staring at best animated series of the year from which its perch. I don’t even want to get into the specifics of the battle because the production was on another level, almost like the “Take on Me” A-Ha’s music video on steroids. Richard’s battle in the ring was also hilarious, but from an action series point of view, this episode was on point and given the gravity of the ending, is one of the more important episodes of the show’s season thus far.


John Schwarz

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