English Dub Review: Laid-Back Camp “Exams, Caribou, Steamed Buns, Yum!”


Despite upcoming exams, the OutClub continues to obsess about camping, doing maintenance on a bowl and skillet that Chiaki and Aoi had bought. Another camping trip is in the works…

Our Take

No camping for this episode, but the info dump felt like a combination of informative dialogues and humor. With very little screen time for Rin, this felt like an information-gathering outing. We also learn about how camping cooking utensils work and the visit to Caribou outdoor center where Nadeshiko was in heaven again, along with Chiaki and Aoi as well.

As far as I can tell, the closest thing to actual character growth within this show would have to be Rin who has slowly undergone some level of development with Nadeshiko but she is still not interested in group camping and still feels uncomfortable with the mood in the Outdoors Club. So she will probably end up giving it a try as well, but the point is she keeps enjoying her solo camping and is starting to open up to camping with people.

Overall, while most of the proceedings were harmless, I found this episode to be mildly disappointing. We already know that camping is expensive, so it felt pointless to spend almost half of the episode mentioning what was previously established and common sense. I’m sure most of us already know these little things, but nothing wrong with driving home the facts I guess…