English Dub Review: Jujutsu Kaisen: “The Origin of Blind Obedience”

Overview: Fushiguro (Robbie Daymond), Itadori (Adam McArthur) and Kugisaki (Anne Yatco), chaperoned by jujutsu sorcerer, Akira Nitta (Sarah Anne Williams), investigate strange killings around Tokyo surrounding open doors. Things become even more interesting when it eventually leads them to Megumi’s old middle school and more about the former Zenin clan member is revealed. 

Our Take: “The Origin of Blind Obedience” thrusts Fushiguro into the forefront of a case with mysterious deaths involving open doors, along with Itadori and Nobara, that eventually leads him back to his old stomping grounds. Megumi’s old rebellious nature coming to light is greatly enhanced not only by him playing dumb to it all but also Yuji and Kugasaki’s playful berating as well. Wholesome funny moments all around from each character. Speaking of Itadori and Nobara, these two have some of the most delightful chemistry as they are always the most ecstatic when they are on screen together. Whether it’s picking on Megumi or gushing about food, tourist spots, etc., at this point they are already the perfect couple and should just make it official. All jokes aside, this is a ship that would be welcome because of how utterly charming they are. Not to mention these two share some phenomenal team up scenes as well as mull over what becomes one of their regrets later on that only furthers that sentiment. 

Another layer to Megumi that surfaces in this episode is how his step sister, Tsumiki, comes into play. Believing she’s been inflicted with the same curse as those who go to Yasohachi Bridge, he takes it upon himself to exorcise the cursed spirit lone wolf style to save her life. This is a very Megumi move to make. But what’s even more is how much he cares for Tsumiki and others in general, despite his reserved demeanor. It is these little moments when different sides of his personality shine through that are some of the best because it shows just how much of a multifaceted character the Ten Shadows user is. 

But what’s perhaps even more quintessential than that is how Nobara and Yuji react. Despite Fushiguro’s best intentions and attempt, like clockwork, they are there for him, no questions asked. A truly sweet moment for the trio that warmed my heart just as much as Fushiguro’s. And one that kicks off the next episode leading to an even more standout episode for Megumi in the penultimate episode of Jujutsu Kaisen’s first season. 

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