English Dub Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable “July 15th (Thurs), Part 4”

You thought it was almost the weekend, but it was actually ME, Thursday!


Rohan calls for help from Koichi and tries to explain his odd predicament with Cheap Trap, even showing him the previous user’s shriveled up body, but Koichi blows it off as a gag. So, Rohan tries going to see Jotaro but has to make sure no one sees his back, or else he dies and Cheap Trap goes onto someone else. This almost causes a few incidents, with Cheap Trap even trying to instigate with his whispers, but Rohan is able to avoid undue attention with Heaven’s Door. Eventually Koichi shows back up, now believing Rohan’s story, and tries using Reverb to pull the Stand off, only hurting Rohan more. After struggling a bit more, Rohan then seemingly gives up and turns around, only reveal that they are all now in Reimi’s alley. People aren’t meant to turn around when walking through it or else their souls (and sometimes Stands) will get sucked out, so Cheap Trap is pulled into the underworld.

Meanwhile, Hayato tails Kira, who has begun to succumb to his killer instincts and stalked a couple to their apartment. Kira kills the boyfriend and vaporizes the girl to just her hand. In his disturbed ecstasy, he is unaware Hayato has been monitoring him the whole time, but notices him running away from the apartment. Jotaro also happens by the apartment and notices a drop of blood, seeing it as a sign Kira has returned to his ways. At the Kawajiri house, Hayato panics in the bath about how to proceed while keeping under the radar, but Kira joins him there and attempts to interrogate him. He presses him about the camera and when he gets a telling reaction, he then goes for the kill, but Hayato reveals that he’s taping all of this, putting them both at a stalemate.


Thus concludes the July 15th arc, with Cheap Trap being the last one of Yoshihiro’s users left to bite the dust. This “fight” is basically just the wrap up of last week, and I’ve probably said almost all I could say about it then. Though I didn’t expect Rohan to make use of Reimi’s alley to his advantage, so that was an interesting way of making use of established locations and tools. I was starting to get the impression that this season was just going to keep adding things for convenience, which I might have been alright with since I like Morioh as a setting quite a bit, but I’m glad to see they didn’t just forget about this place and how it can effect Stands. Back when it first showed up, I thought it was odd that the hands pulled a Stand out of someone and now that seems to be of use. So that was neat.

And while that whole plot was wrapped up, it looks like the final stages of the season are beginning as Hayato and Kira now see each other for what they really are. Hayato’s proven to be a pretty resourceful kid, having set up a camera just for this situation and catching Kira buck naked and about to kill him. Now, even if the footage can’t explain HOW Kira could kill Hayato, it will be proof that Kira was the one who did it. Jotaro is also hot on Kira’s trail and has been for awhile now, but it’s hard to say if Hayato will get a chance to get any of the evidence to him in time. Even knowing the general outline of the ending of this season, I genuinely don’t know how we get there from this point.

But we’ll have to get there soon, because we’re down to our final five episodes here. Going by the previous Season/Part endings, those have often had a pretty notable body count, most notably Part 1 losing Jonathan Joestar in its final episode and Part 3 axing half its main cast before the end. We’ve already had a few surprise deaths this season with Shigechi and Aya, but no one all that major just yet. I do know that Jotaro survives this part, so he’s off the table, but who knows if Joseph, Okuyasu, or even Josuke could be so lucky. I guess we’ll have to find out as time begins slipping into the future…and maybe the past.

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