English Dub Review: Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie? “The Prince Lost His Panties?!”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

Keiki is still trying to decipher who left the panties. He stores them under the bed, then walks in on Mizuha in the shower and it’s a big anime deal. She assures him it’s alright and gives him girl advice. Sayuki then visits the house to try on dog accessories for Keiki. He’s blackmailed into humoring her kink and realizes he sort of enjoys petting her. Things heat up a little when she unbuttons her shirt so that he can rub her belly. She also squeezes him into her boobs — which is when Mizuha walks in. Keiki explains that it’s not his kink, and Mizuha teases him.

Later, Koga shows up at the house and blackmails Keiki into wearing a bunny costume. As a reward, she drops her panties for him — which is when Mizuha, again, walks in. Keiki has to explain, again, that he doesn’t share her kinks, but she waves him off. At night, Nanjo calls him and asks him to moan for her, as inspiration for her yaoi. Then she shyly asks if he’d ever date her, but claims she was joking.

After his admirer’s panties go missing from under his bed, Shoma and Koharu help him realize that the culprit is either Sayuki or Koga (as they were the only possible suspects in his bedroom/house.) He then decides to buckle down and be Sayuki’s master, in order to get her to confess.

Our Take

Brother-sister relationships are so consistently weird in anime. It’s a trope that doesn’t have a place anywhere. Period. Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She’s a Cutie? has taken a few notable liberties with ironic humor in order to fight back tropes such as these, but this episode seemed more about fan-service than anything. Keiki and Mizuha’s relationship could be described as “comfortable,” but the show has had some subtle framing where Mizuha is sometimes grouped in with the “Undierella” suspects. We can only hope and pray to God that this doesn’t lead somewhere vile! At this point, though, it seems like everything the other girls want from Keiki is sex-related — so if the twist winds up being that “Undierella” is his sister, then cue the vomiting! The show is canceled.

Although, Nanjo’s behavior was pretty suspicious. It could be her, but it seems like none of these girls would really be a good match for Keiki (except Koharu, but she’s not in the running.) Keiki’s sudden decision to go dive into the pet-play kink seems like a tick in character development…in a bad way. He might wind up forcing himself to do all these sexual things for the promise of love at the end — and it might not even be there.

All in all, though, there wasn’t enough irony in the voice lines/line delivery to warrant the fan-service in this episode (not even Mizuha’s “I’d call the police” line was enough, as hilarious as it was.) Considering its content, this show needs to be consistently ironic or satirical in order for it to work. It treads a very thin line between making a point, or just falling into the dumpster with all the other trashy, fan-servicey anime shows.

Kayla Gleeson

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