English Dub Review: Heaven Official’s Blessing “Ghost King of Hua Cheng”



The boy with multi-face disease runs away. Xie Lian is confused and makes a telepathic communication. There he is told a story of Hua Cheng, who has multiple nicknames. Xie Lian starts his own shrine but it’s going to take time to get followers.

Our Take:

Hua Cheng has some of the most badass nicknames I have ever heard. I mean he’s called one of the four devils, and also the Crimson Rain-Soaked Flower. It does not get more awesome than that. I really feel like the first four episodes have just been building up to his introduction so I’m really excited to see where the next episode goes.

I think the boy who has a multi-face disease will show up again. It seems like too important a plotline to just drop like that. There was a flashback and now that Hua Cheng has been introduced I would imagine he might have a part to play in whatever happened. Xie Lian looked very upset when he saw the boy so something big must have happened in the past involving the disease.

I find it absolutely hilarious that Xie Lian has to make and keep his own shrine. Some people come by and tell him he should find a better deity to support. Can you imagine going to a Christian church and God is just there sweeping the floors? Not only that but someone comes by and tells him to find a better god to support. It was hilarious but I am looking forward to when he is a well-known and beloved god. At least I think that will happen but I could be wrong. Either way, I think Xie Lian is doing his best and I support him.

The animation continues to impress and I really like the story. If it goes where I think it might it could get really interesting. Now that Hua Cheng has been introduced I bet it will only get better. I am pretty sure he is the second lead character so this is a little late for him to be introduced I think but I bet it will all work out.





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