English Dub Review: Fruits Basket “I Just Love Her.”


After a fight, Yuki and Kyo each figure out what they want to do next with their lives…

Out Take

For the fight between Kyo & Yuki which almost feels never-ending at this point, Yuki’s speech came across as quite a harsh reality and it’s hard admitting that you’re not good enough for someone especially someone as close as Tohru who was with the trio pretty much the entire year, but that finally snapped Kyo out of his idiot delusions that he doesn’t need to go the extra mile, to fit her just needs, he simply needs to make his outlook a bit brighter.

As for Kyo’s father’s subplot. Blaming a child’s birth for your mother’s death never makes sense to me, as the child didn’t choose to be born, the parents forced that option against the child (the same can also be said for Noelle’s shitty upbringing in Black Clover). Kyo’s father is an absolute piece of shit. I can at least comprehend why the “cursed” kids are messed up, but there’s no earthly excuse for the non-cursed adults in this series.

As a whole, this was a decent episode. Some very much-needed optimism and healing after a string of heavy episodes. It truly feels like this season is slowly tying loose ends with the other characters. It also excelled on an emotional level with Akito’s subplot as we’re seeing some small cracks of humanity but it remains to be seen if that can truly last…

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