English Dub Review: Fairy gone “Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist”

Free and Marlya face off with mafia members inside a creepy crypt.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Still in the heat of conflict with Bitter Sweet, Free and Marlya quickly learn that her fairy is capable of reflecting their attacks back at them. When Free can’t handle her himself, Marlya makes her own move and attacks the assassin with everything she’s got. She outlasts Bitter Sweet’s fairy, rescuing Free but injuring herself in the process. The agents are allowed to recover at the fairy scholar’s home, and Marlya thinks they’re lying to her about knowing Veronica.

Later on, Bitter Sweet enlists Patricia, another con artist, to help her recapture the black fairy tome and get revenge on Free and Marlya. Patricia leads the two agents underground, where they’re easily separated. Free follows Patricia while Marlya is stalked by a creepy mafia man named Jonathan. Just as she’s about to be overcome, Ver bursts through a stained glass window and comes to her rescue.

Our Take:

While it didn’t begin on a great note, this fourth episode of Fairy gone turned out to be a lot more entertaining towards the end once Jonathan and Patricia enter the picture. There’s still a lot of stuff going on, and we don’t have any real idea about Veronica’s place in it all yet, but it looks like we may get a clearer picture next week from the looks of this cliffhanger.

The show still is at its best when it stops trying to over exposition and starts just showing us high-quality action scenes. Bitter Sweet’s battle finale was a little confusing to me, but I can’t deny it was well-executed. Marlya, as the newbie to the whole fairy battling regime, is a good character for new viewers to identify with, and she’s awesome. I’m still not entirely sure how she succeeded against Bitter Sweet where Free failed – is the show trying to imply that Marlya’s got a lot of hidden potential for power within her? If so, she’s definitely going to need it if she has to go up against Jonathan again.

Patricia and Jonathan are two MORE characters introduced into an already large cast and world. I’m inclined to excuse this, though, mainly because they’re both pretty exciting and fun to watch so far. Patricia’s insistence on getting her water fresh is a nice character quirk, silly and slightly scary at the same time. Jonathan isn’t introduced in as quite an original way, but what he lacks in imagination he makes up for with intense creepiness. Though he may work for Gui Carlin as a mafia member like Patricia, Jonathan is clearly in it for more than just the job. When he’s not hunting down agents for work, he’s probably doing it for fun on his free time. That entire chase scene was really beautifully rendered (in a very nice yet horrifying way).

The dub this week was just as good as usual. Free and Marlya carry the cast well. I especially liked their little scene getting food together at the cafe. Due to their age difference, I don’t really see them as a couple, but it’s undeniable that they have some cute chemistry. Patricia and Jonathan are nice additions to the vocal cast, too. Jonathan’s spooky tone is a perfect match for his withering words.

Overall, Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist is an entertaining episode of Fairy gone. It doesn’t necessarily answer a lot of questions or expand on the lore in any meaningful way, but it seems to function more like an in-between type of episode: introducing Marlya’s power along with Patricia and Jonathan. Plus, we get that epic Veronica entrance at the end. That alone makes me really pumped to see what’s to come next week for this series!


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