English Dub Review: Dragon Goes House-Hunting: “A Home for Fighting”


Overview: After Letty (Michael Kovach) and Pip (Lindsay Sheppard) get captured, they find themselves in a surprisingly pleasant dungeon with nice people and many great benefits as well. 

Our Take: Dragon Goes House-Hunting deserves major props for continuing to turn expectations on their head as just when you think the show is going to go left, it instead makes a hard right. Besides just being a funny, charming entertaining series, just when you think you’ve struck a cliché, it creates a unique and charming plot out of it. Episode nine is no better example of that.

In a surprising twist that is as ironic as a crybaby dragon, the plot revolves around Letty and Pip getting sent to a nice dungeon with good people and amenities. The way in which the residents dash Letty’s doubts and worries about imprisoned creatures being treated with respect and explain how the dungeon runs and the arrangement with the owner of it makes for an enjoyable and was always entertaining to see how the show would flip the script. Also the overall sweet nature of every one of the prisoners and their chemistry with Letty was just a nice plus. 

As is one of the series’ staple, this episode is bountiful in more classic RPG references that fans of the genre have come to know and love. The most notable and charming, however, was not for role playing games but surprisingly for the Hideo Kojima brain child Metal Gear Solid. With references like hiding in boxes and dispersing porn on the floor to distract assailants, it was an amazing nod to a famous Konami classic and hands down one of the best gaming mentions thus far. 

The lesson of family being the best and necessary constant in one’s life that Letty learns just leans into the all around wholesome tone of this entry that is emphasized throughout. And then to close out, we get our good ol’ trusty savior Dearia to save the day. The fourth wall breaking that pokes fun at his clear role in relation to Letty within this episode along with just flat out being the lovable jerk we know and love helps close out the episode to perfection. 

“A Home for Fighting” is yet another amazing episode worth watching with a fun twist that amplifies the humor and characters throughout while also offering a heartwarming lesson for our red dragon. 

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