English Dub Review: Dragon Goes House-Hunting: “A Hoard of Homes”

Overview: Dragon Goes House-Hunting focuses on a scaredy red dragon by the name of Letty (Michael Kovach). After being rejected from his father (Jim Foronda), he must live on his own and seek out a new home for himself out in the wildlands of the world.  

Our Take: Watching through the first half of Dragonman Crybaby, I had quickly realized why this show even exists in the first place. Truthfully, there is a novelty in watching a huge belligerent looking dragon be as delicate as a daffodil. Watching Letty whine and moan from one predicament to the next had a certain charm that caused me to giggle and grin my way to that conclusion. Or just the sheer enjoyment of watching goblins, harpies and trolls be bewildered by his sorry state and/or then proceed to ridicule him.  There are also a handful of old school RPG references and easter eggs with traditional turn based battles and HUD gags sprinkled throughout. Although, at the end of the day, it really is just that, charm. It is never able to go beyond that, comedically. Or at least that’s what I had thought until the last few minutes. 

It is the closing moments when the show really hits its stride and offers a glimpse of the series it wants to become. Too bad it didn’t really come in until so late into the game. It even gave me BoJack Horseman vibes at times with the hilarity of long drawn out pauses and blank facial expressions. Also there were oddly enough, a lot of modern references with televisions, video games and reality series, offering quite a wide range. It is weird because the world that the anime encompasses is seemingly strictly fantasy. But truth be told it just seems like House-Hunting is more preoccupied with just making good jokes and gags rather than adhering to any sort of continuity. Which, in its case, is a strength as it worked and hopefully will continue to be utilized and pushed even further throughout the remaining eleven episodes. Lastly, as a side note, there was quite a bit of great scope in Dragon Goes’ magical vistas, as well as a lot of diversity in style. 

“A Hoard of Homes” peaks just enough interest with it’s ironic dragon hijinks as well as witty humor, which, while confined mostly to the end, leaves you wanting just a tiny bit more. 



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