English Dub Review: Dragon Ball Super “Surpass Even a God! Sacrifice Strike! ”

The battle further intensifies in the latest episode.

Possible Spoilers Below

As Toppo easily overpowers Android 17’s attacks after sort-of attaining “God-status” in the previous episode, 17 is able to evade him for a while by using the broken fighting stage to his advantage, but Toppo effortlessly withstands Android 17’s attacks. Toppo prepares to eliminate Android 17 with a giant energy blast, but Frieza rejoins the battle and deflects Toppo’s attack. Frieza uses his own energy attack to immobilize Toppo, which allows him and 17 to perform a well-timed team attack, I can’t believe I’m saying this but they actually fight well together despite how completely different these two are, and not to ignore the elephant in the room, but I know Toppo is considered an “apprentice” to attain the God of destruction status of his respective universe, but you’d think they’d be rules or regulations against it since the gods from each universe are not allowed to partake in this particular fight in the first place.

But just when things seem decidedly bleak for 17 & Frieza, Toppo is abruptly interrupted by our duo of Saiyan heavy-hitters, Goku and Vegeta who are still fighting Jiren, but Jiren begins to fighting dirty by abruptly turning his attention away from the two Saiyans and hitting both Frieza and 17 with his beam attacks, which consequently compels Toppo to attack Vegeta instead. During the Vegeta battle, it’s easily some of the best dialogue as Vegeta calls Toppo out for the hypocrisy of his choice to cast-aside everything for the sake of an edge in battle. However, Vegeta’s moment to shine is fully displayed here as he goes into a badass speech about how not giving up on everything he holds dear is what drives him to be a winner including his family, his promise to Cabba from Universe 6, and the strong convictions of his Saiyan pride. And unlike the choice Toppo made, Vegeta refuses to throw any of it away for the sake of power.

Vegeta then unleashes his full power which causes the two to unleash both use their ultimate attacks, but Vegeta’s attack results in him using an impactful technique that was an excellent call-back to the “Buu Saga”, And while the last time he used it killed him during the Buu Saga, Vegeta still uses it and manages to eliminate Toppo from the tournament and even causes even more damage to the fighting stage in the process. In a big reveal, of course, the end result really played with my expectations, but the episode ends as the fight resumes between what’s left of Universe 7’s fighters up against Universe 11’s Jiren who proceeds to unleash his full power.


Our Take

Quite a good episode. Vegeta earned some badass points with that speech before delivering that ass-kicking, but I’m surprised Toppo got taken out so quickly. All that build-up last episode about how Toppo was surrounding himself with the “destruction energy” as the result of his new “God-status” made it sound like they had to find a clever way of defeating him but in the end, it comes down to the standard “overpower him with more energy” method. I was under the clear assumption that he’d at least take out 17 or Frieza first before being eliminated if anything at all.

Strangely enough, though Frieza kinda disappears after getting his ass whooped twice but has yet to be eliminated, I guess this is his super villain “cunning” in action so to speak.

Now with Jiren being the last to represent Universe 11 and given how powerful Jiren was before proceeding to power up, It has to be something intensely fierce before we get a clear winner.

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