English Dub Review: Dorohedoro “Devilish Anecdotes” (OVA)

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Primarily these were a series of shorts tied within the show’s universe that flesh out characters in some, while others expand upon on the show in different ways. Originally these were part of Japan’s home-release as DVD extra’s but for some reason, Netflix felt the need to not only Dub every last one of these shorts, but edited them together into a half-hour and labeled it as the “13th” episode for season One.

“Disparity of the Masks”

A Fujita focused episode where we see the creation of the mystical masks everyone wears within the Sorcerer world with a funny & unexpected ending

“A Shop For you”

A prequel story of how Nikaido got ownership of her “Hungry Bug” restaurant and what it used to be, as the previous owner who took her in was a small-time sorcerer named “Syureon”.

“The Spring of the Underling”

An Ebisu-focused short where she goes on a small quest to have her picture taken to cement her place within En’s Sorcerer Mafia Branch.

“A Tale of the Invisible Gyoza Fairy”.

A Tiny mischievous Gyoza creature secretly helps Nikaido’s “Hungry Bug” restaurant through it’s unusual & wacky ways methods.

“The Devil’s Dance”

Invitations are sent within the En’s Mafia-family for a Specific tribal-Dance event leading to an interesting flashback from Shin’s past.

And finally “Ohba Memories in the Nightbreeze”

Caiman pays a visit to Nikaido at her Hungry Bug restaurant to deliver ingredients and learns first-hand how to make Gyoza. The story takes place during an early portion of their friendship as indicated by how youthful Nikaido looks along with a short-hairstyle she had at the time.

Our Take

As a whole, with each short story, some gaps of information were filled, while some were sheer comical randomness. But this was entertaining to watch even if it didn’t completely progress the major plot the way I thought it would. Only time will tell if a 2nd Season ever becomes a reality but if it does, I’ll be waiting.

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