English Dub Review: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba “Together Forever”


Overview (Spoilers Below)
Picking up from last time, Tanjiro slices off the Arrow Demon’s head. However, despite being all too close to his end, the Arrow Demon has one more trick up his sleeve. He quickly uses his arrows to move him this way and that, with the intent of bringing Tanjiro down with him. However, Tanjiro keeps up with the arrows, thus foiling the Arrow Demon’s plan. The Arrow Demon fades away, never to harm anyone again.

Meanwhile, Nezuko faces off against the Temari Demon in a one-on-one Temari kickball duel. Despite Nezuko’s massive strength, Tamayo realizes Nezuko needs help to defeat the Temari Demon. Tamayo distracts the Temari Demon with slander against Kibutsuji. While she’s distracted by her words, Tamayo uses a spell to lower the Temari Demon’s brain functionality. With these two strikes in tow, they combine to one final blow: the Temari Demon uttering Kibutsuji’s name and thus enacting his curse of death.

Unfortunately, Tamayo comes to the quick realization that neither demon is one of the twelve Kizuki, and thus not directly related to Kibutsuji. Despite this, she takes samples of their blood for research in finding a cure to demonization.

With the battle over, Tamayo tells Tanjiro that she and Yushiro will have to leave the area, citing worries on their safety with Kibutsuji nearby. Tamayo offers to take Nezuko alongside them, but a firm grip from Nezuko’s hand cements the two sibling’s forever bonded connection.

Later on, Tanjiro heads off to his next task. Along the way, he comes across an odd sight: an orange-haired man literally begging a lady to marry him.

Our Take
Man, the excitement I continue to feel each and every episode is unreal. Nothing can stop the powerful force of exhilarating action and moving moments that make up this series. Everything feels original, exciting, and overall an absolute blast to watch.

The twists featured throughout are wonderfully executed. None of them seem overly obvious or cliched. They’re each surprising in their own special ways. Tamayo’s tactics in deceiving the Temari Demon are exhilaratingly intense because of this. You never really know how things are going to play out, thus adding to the excitement. Overall, this is a fantastic part of the series that keeps me coming back in suspense and awe.

However, the true enjoyment I got from this episode was the multitude of moving moments. Nezuko treating Tamayo and Yushiro as if they were human was truthfully heartwarming. She sees them as her family, despite the spell placed on her supposedly only working on demons. Yet, Nezuko’s will is strong enough to realize that these two demons are different from the rest. It really cements just how likable the relationships are in this series.

Speaking of relationships, Tanjiro and Nezuko’s bond grows ever stronger in another moving moment. Tanjiro contemplates Tamayo’s offer to let Nezuko travel with her to escape battle. Through a powerful grip of his hand though, Nezuko fully cements the sibling’s relationship. It’s such a touching moment that it’s about enough to make anyone let out a flowing river of tears. The sibling relationship here is honestly one of the show’s most unique and strongest points. They’re both so attached to each other, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the other safe. I can’t think of any other shonen series where the sibling bonds are this connected. Overall, it’s a wonderful thing to see and I wish for it to continue throughout the remainder of the series.

Additionally, the moment of solitude between the Temari Demon and Tanjiro was rather touching. The scene felt emotionally raw, with Tanjiro realizing that despite her bad deeds, she’s just a kid at heart. It’s amazing how despite all their wrongdoings, Tanjiro still manages to see some good in these unfortunate souls. It just goes to show, forgiveness is a powerful ally within our everyday lives.

To conclude, this episode manages to stay in line with the exciting thrills of last time, all with adding some truthfully emotionally impactful moments to the mix. This is, by far, a series that I’ve come to treasure. With any luck, this series will continue on the path of enticement.

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