English Dub Review: Classroom of the Elite “Man is Condemned to be Free”

Free fallin’

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Classroom of the Elite resumes with one of its more wacky episodes. After “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here,” the students are dropped off on a remote island as a survival test. The class gets 300 points to spend on what the group deems most needed, like food. Additionally, they’re given a “basic toilet.”

However, these test points are lost for actions of violence toward students in other classes, polluting, missed roll call, and even injuries. At the end of the week, the students may exchange these test points for class points.

Class D plans to rough it for the week. However, the girls determine that a portable toilet will aid in their comfort. As such, Class D opts to spend test points in moderation.

Meanwhile, there’s a subplot about securing spots on the island as well as guessing the leaders of other classes. By completing these strategic challenges, the students gain even more bonus points.

Our Take

What Classroom of the Elite does well it continues to excel with. That’s namely the animation and music. I like the island setting which truly shines with vivid greens, blues, and a gradient of lush colors. Additionally, the class dynamics benefit from development on two fronts. There’s the inter-class system which explores how well students work together and collaborate. This ranges from deciding how to spend points to claiming designated spots on the island and selecting a leader.

Then there’s class competition. At times, the classes are at odds. But other moments find the classes necessitating teamwork. One dilemma occurs when Sakura, Yamauchi, and Ayanokoji find Mio Ibuki from Class C. Mio is injured, and despite being from a different group, Class D decides to care for her.

It’s neat seeing how the kids interact. On the island, there’s utter freedom. But none of the classes will survive and thrive without organization. As such, leaders, unofficial and official, must spawn from the group dynamic. It’s necessary to create a strategy and generally stick to this plan. Hence the title “Man is Condemned to be Free.” A free for all scenario would lead to chaos.

Don’t expect a Lord of the Flies scenario. Instead, there’s pretty civil and balanced interaction. Nevertheless, there’s certainly some drama which occurs. Notably, one member of Class D deviates from the plan costing the group a potential set of test points and seemingly for no valid reason. I’m curious if this student follows through with their plan or not. Plus, I’m intrigued by Class C’s Mio and whether or not she’s genuine in her need for help. Ultimately, an improved entry in Classroom of the Elite.


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