English Dub Review: Classroom of the Elite “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who enter Here”

You may enter.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Ayanokoji discovers that a mysterious man has demanded his expulsion from the school. But Chabashira who reveals this to him explains that the school infrastructure plans to protect him. So long, that is, if he aspires to rise to Class A.

The kids are taken on a school field trip which takes place on a pretty ritzy cruise ship. It’s a bit different than the trips to science museums which I went on back in the day. According to the students, the cruise is for “no reason at all.”

Suzune and Ayanokoji discuss the final destination of the school. As Ayanokoji explains, it’s destined for a boarding house which sits on an island the school owns. Ryuen speaks with Suzune regarding the security camera story arc from earlier in the season.

Our Take

This episode just doesn’t feel all that important. Instead, it feels like filler from the students. Once again, there’s a bit too much fan service. This adds absolutely nothing to the episode, and further, actually distracts from the episode by making the show appear less intelligent.

I’m curious who this mysterious man demanding Ayanokoji’s expulsion is, and why he has it out for Ayanokoji. This plotline seems pretty fascinating. Additionally, the finale of the episode and its reveal of why the school trip transpired is fairly hefty. It lends a new frame of reference for the trip as well as reinforces the logic of the school. There’s a continual onus on testing, not only in traditional educational means, but also for general abilities, logic, and morals.

I enjoy the relationships which blossom. Kushida’s dark personality resurges and this makes for a neat dynamic. It was this element of her personality which was first seen in “Man is an Animal that makes Bargains: No Other Animal does This – No Dog exchanges Bones with Another.” The animation shines with spectacular, vivid colors. The soundtrack delivers a range of pieces: string-based compositions, key-heavy movements, and timpani-filled waves. Ultimately, it’s a technically well-done episode, but it’s still tough to relate to most of the characters. A lot of them are unlikeable and unrelatable.


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