English Dub Review: Chio’s School Road “Bloody Butterfly Effect 2”

It was just some harmless horsing around, I swear!


Overview (Spoilers below)


The first half of the episode was a follow up to the last one regarding the gang biker from last time with other gang members. The dumb blonde was actually warning his pals while narrating his miraculous encounter with the mystical Bloody Butterfly, for the confusion of his friends. Chio overhears them and decided to come clean with dumb blonde, who took things remarkably well, all things considered. They ended dramatizing a bloody beatdown from Chio to the gangsters to scare off the other biker idiots.

The second half is centered on an Indian sport that I have never heard of before called Kabaddi, and the school captain for said sport, Madoka. Manana and Chio were mocking the stupidity of said sport and the big breasted bimbo, who was passing by with Yuki, overheard them and decided to both teach them a lesson and forcedly recruit them to her club. Things got really weird, really fast from there and Chio ended up saving her skin, as chastity, revealing Madoka’s Raging lesbian mode with her gaming brain ultimate skill.

Poor Yuki, she must have been ended up traumatized due to the whole fiasco.

Our Take

The thing about comedy is that it is usually short because it helps in maintain the impact and hilarity of the joke. When a joke is prolonged unnecessarily, then things start to get dull and less funny with each passing moment. I think this is the reason I found this episode first half quite tamed in comparison with previous chapters.

A continuation of the whole BB ordeal was neither expected nor wanted, and I personally wanted Chio to continuing her façade, which was both funny and had the potential for more intense comedy down the line. That said, her coming clean with the misunderstanding was quite mature for her, as well as the dumb blonde reaction to the truth, which was quite surprising and refreshing to see.

Regarding the second half, I admit it was funny in some parts, but I didn’t like as much as I would. Madoka’s blatant sexual harassment, while used for laughs, made we blank at the otherwise enjoyable gag, and let me with mixed feelings. Not the best episode, and certainly not a favorite of mine, but I suppose that it has its public, so that’s that.




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