English Dub Review: Cells at Work: Code Black “Overwork, Hair Loss, and Delirium”



The Helper T Cell commands the killer t cells to pick up the slack from the lack of white blood cells. Unfortunately, they go a little overboard and have trouble discerning friends from foes.

Our Take:

Looks like cells can be just as overworked as the rest of us. Though I think these killer t cells take it a step further than most of us would. Red Blood Cell continues to get really good development, whereas White Blood Cell more or less stays the same but it is only episode five so I am sure hers is coming.

Red Blood Cell is still jaded about everything that is going on but still does his best which I think is really admirable. Now though he has added bravery to the mix. I never thought seeing character development from a blood cell would be something I would applaud but here we are. This show does this with him extremely well, when the world is quite literally burning around him he knuckles down and does his job.

White Blood Cell is working out while recovering which concerns Red Blood Cell but she seems to be okay. While her development might be lacking, she is the catalyst for most of Red Blood Cell’s development which is… okay for now. A group of killer t cells insults her but she doesn’t mind so long as the world is peaceful. Which we all know will not last very long.

Speaking of the killer t cells, they are like your typical bullies as they’re presented here. Pushing around other cells and insulting the white blood cells for being “weak” after the battle with the gonococci. They are the reason for the hair follicles’ inflammation because they wrongly identify the hair matrix cells as cancer cells. Learning why certain things happen in the body makes this show way more fun to me than it might be otherwise. If it wasn’t for all the violence and blood I’d recommend it be used in schools.

Red Blood Cell continues to get stuff done but while doing that a foreign entity shows up in the way of steroids. They identify the killer t cells and even the helper t cell as an “enemy”. The steroids are portrayed as a sort of security robot which I thought was pretty cool.

I think this show’s specialty is comedy and should maybe stick to that. Without the laughs, I was way less interested in this episode than the previous ones. Most series have a slump episode or two so I am hopeful we can just chalk this up to that. As I said earlier the development of our main character is really well done for a show like this. Next week looks like kidney stones will be an issue so hopefully, it rebounds.




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