The Bulls infiltrate Lehart alongside the other Magic Knights and find a large crowd of angry commoners gathered. Vanessa is approached by two Banishers who demand she leaves with them quietly or Secre and Marie will be killed instantly. The Banishers arrive and Kabwe announces he is willing to spare Secre and Marie if Asta surrenders himself. Asta reveals himself but then reveals he is Grey in disguise while the real Asta attacks from above.

As the battle rages on, several Banishers turn invisible and escape with Secre and Marie while Asta is somehow still hot on their trail…

Our Take

Even for a filler, I really like how this show is delving into the political side of things. Sure the kingdom has been saved, but on a realistic note, The Clover Kingdom has never been perfect as there’s always going to be people revolting, corrupt assholes conspiring, and spreading false rumors. Like Nero/Secre literally helped save the entire kingdom in the past but everybody is too oblivious to take notice.

At first, it didn’t really make too much sense what they wanted from Asta exactly, but a surprising twist at the end showed that this group had a completely different goal this whole time in why they needed it.

Overall, for the past few episodes, this pseudo-filler arc is finally getting more interesting. The twist ending was unexpected. But at the very least, Marie was saved. Now Nero/Secre is left and I feel with the compelling twist, it’s gonna be a lot tougher. This is Black Clover in uncharted territory, and the stakes are very high!

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