English Dub Review: BEM “Sweeper”



There’s a new monster causing a problem, one that has escaped Bem’s watchful eye.

Our Take:

We get a little more insight into the people who decide to become monsters, that they were all fairly troubled before, but becoming monstrous allowed them to achieve their actual desires. In the case of the cleaner this week, cleaning was his coping mechanism when he was young and that manifested in almost a mania to keep things neat and tidy. The previous monsters all seem to follow this same pattern, all either having liked or partook in the thing that they decided to transform into. This was all a voluntary choice on their part.

However, just because they are physical monsters now doesn’t mean that they weren’t monsters before. The mysterious doctor is able to give people physical enhancements, but that by no means changes who or what they were, to begin with. The cleaner was already willing to kill people before we met him, as he had already murdered his mother and her boyfriend that abused him, and was completely willing to kill others. Instead of just a desire, he now has the means, which is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. As we see, he is more than happy to slaughter people on the street just for existing.

The police force isn’t faring too well either. It’s pretty clear that they’re under the control of the unseen council, as they don’t want to solve the murders, but rather control the Inhumans. It’s clear from the new person that they instill: he doesn’t care about the peace or even that bystanders may be hurt, he only cares about fulfilling orders. He seems like the kind of person that Sonia would end up conflicting within the long run, given her high sense of justice.

We still don’t know what the Unseen Council is, only that they are absolutely manipulating all things from the shadows. The woman that we see seems to know Bem somehow and seems to want him returned to her. We don’t exactly know how the trio was created, but it seems that at the very least, she seems to have some connection to it somehow. We also don’t know what purpose they were intended to serve, or why they were created in the first place, but the council seems to have some sort of plan for them.

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