English Dub Review: BEM “Shadow”


Belo has a competitor in video games.

Our Take:

Like Bela last time, this episode decides to shed some light on Belo. Belo acts nonchalant and disinterested in interacting with humanity, worn out and ground down from being constantly betrayed. He has routine contact with a group of kids who look up to him as a leader, but it doesn’t seem like he has much attachment to any of them. However, when a rival gang shows up and introduces a boy from the Uppers, Belo changes a little.

Altogether, the rich boy is impudent and prideful. He is extremely confident in his gaming skills, and sure enough, has the ability to match Belo. While it’s more the rich boy dictating and Belo listening, there’s no denying that they do share a bond. They are equals in the turf that they take pride in (games) and so they start to trust each other. Needless to say, when the assassin ends up framing Belo unintentionally, and the boy mistakes Belo for his father’s killer, that relationship comes to an end.

It’s a shame because Belo has been shown as standoffish so far. He almost sneers at Bela trying so hard to be human, but that’s not from his ideals. He is so disdainful of the idea because this same scenario has likely happened countless times before; reaching out, only to be forcibly cut away. It’s a reaction born from rejection, in lashing out and preventing bonds before they’re formed, he is protecting himself. It’s a sad but understandable thing to do.

Interestingly, the shadowy organization eliminates both politicians, instead of just one. The rich boy’s father wanted to drag out the organization into the public, which is a direct conflict of interest. However, the original politician to be assassinated wanted to clean up or aid the other side, and he was killed off for that as well. The organization seems to be made up of nonhuman entities and were responsible for sending out the water monster and the bowling assassin. Their newest repertoire includes an assassin that can appear in peoples’ shadows, which means that the doctor that’s been mentioned is likely under their hire. They are manufacturing nonhuman entities, but also seem determined to keep the divide between the two societies very strong. Why do they want to do this? What are they trying to accomplish by maintaining this strange status quo? It’s unclear as of now, but it’s a mystery I’m very curious about.

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