Overview (Spoilers Below)

As the titular “Actors” riot within Tensho Academy, which is now under martial law by the government. Each of them stands their ground against government officials to do what they could, Nagisa finally begins to sing on stage. Mitsuki, who witnessed the scene, proudly declares that the singing competition would be held! And in response to this, The chorus of the students echoed around without resorting to violence.

Our Take

This was possibly one of the most disappointing endings ever! We have a series finale that shows singers standing united against control for the freedom to be themselves. Which would’ve been both a fitting and symbolic finale for a show about singing, but ironically while the message was there, the execution of it didn’t even have that much music for it to feel like an idol show.

But instead, it felt like a painfully dull “Slice of Life” anime that didn’t know what to do itself. Seriously, the Idol Scene is a stable in Japanese pop culture. How can you possibly fuck that up?

Overall the show as a whole was hit & miss with it’s Weird as fuck plot regarding the random internet stuff, but nothing to write home about…

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