English Dub of Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn Gets Theatrical Release Date Via Fathom Events

Check out the trailer!

Set to hit theaters for one day only on March 25th will be the English dub adaptation of Made In Abyss: Journey’s Dawn. For those that don’t know, Made in Abyss was at one point an Amazon Prime exclusive series that never really got the respect it deserved because it was on a streaming service that didn’t give a shit about it’s anime. Two movies, Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn and Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight, are on the way that will adapt the series to that of compilations and allow new viewers to get into the franchise without having to sit through the entire anime. Here’s the synopsis:

No one knows what’s at the bottom of the Abyss. No one who’s ventured that far has ever returned. What is known is that the Abyss is filled with strange creatures and priceless relics that have lured generations of fortune hunters into a diabolical trap. Because while anyone can descend into the Abyss safely, coming back up triggers a nightmarish series of transformations and madness. And the deeper you go, the less chance you have of coming back unchanged. But when 12-year-old Riko receives a message that her missing mother might still be alive deep in the Abyss, she knows she has to go to her. She must go even if it’s a one-way trip for her and her robot friend Reg as they brave the ultimate darkness in MADE IN ABYSS.



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