Elon Musk Builds Truck That Gets Comparisons To “The Homer” The Same Week He Guest Stars On “Rick and Morty”




Elon Musk is in cartoon news this week for a variety of reasons. First up, he guest starred in last night’s episode of Rick and Morty as “Elon Tusk” and he was very good. It was an eventual cameo that clearly showed signs a couple of years back when producers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon got a chance to visit Elon at his HQ offices and it turned out just fine.

In other Elon news, Tesla has unveiled a new “Cybertruck” that is drawing comparisons to “The Homer”, a Homer Simpson-designed car first seen in the classic episode entitled “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”. The episode guest-starred Danny DeVito as Homer’s half-brother “Herb Powell”, owner of a car manufacturer that brings on Homer to design a car for the regular “schmo” only for it to turn into a bust when the car is unveiled.

Fortunately for Elon, his Cybertruck is already far more popular, with 200k pre-orders already in as of this writing, and another peg in the brilliant magnate’s quest to change mankind for the better. Though the mere reaction to the truck’s unveiling by the general public shows shades of the aforementioned episode making it yet another instance in which the longest-running animated series in primetime history seems to forecast the future. Far more evident of this fact, is a recent Disney+ promo where a baby Maggie Simpson that is drawing comparisons to the recently revealed “Baby Yoda” first seen in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. 


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