DVD Review: Family Guy Season 16

Uh oh…looks like the home release budgets are starting to shrink at 20th Century FOX. Every year, Family Guy is usually one of the stronger home releases that typically come out before the holidays, but this year, it’s a wash.

Included in the release is the entire Season 16 of Family Guy and you can read our season review of the actual episodes here. For the home release, one has to gauge the value of purchasing an item that would have a perceived value over other ways of having access to uncensored episodes of Family Guy like buying episodes on Amazon or streaming them on Hulu. This release, does neither of those things. Other than select commentaries and some deleted animatics, Family Guy Season 16 doesn’t feature any decent unique featurettes to warrant a purchase and as such should be skipped this season. It could be a sign of the times, unfortunately, and is probably why we didn’t get a new season of The Simpsons on DVD. Here’s hoping, 20th Century FOX will put some added value into future home releases for their television shows in the future, because this ain’t it.

John Schwarz

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