DVD Review: Archer: Danger Island Season 9

Season noine.

If you want to put out a home release nowadays, the only way you’re really going to win a wide audience is if 1) you sell it to the 20 million people in America that don’t have access to the internet (which, yes, still makes the medium viable 2) make sure there are enough superfans that are going to want it 3) load UP with special features 4) make sure it’s cheaper than buying the episodes individually on Amazon.

That’s the case with Archer: Danger Island aka the ninth and possibly the penultimate season of Archer. As we’re a mere two weeks away from the premiere, is this home release worth the hassle so that you can load up before the tenth season premieres later this month? Obviously, if you’re in the #1 bucket, you should. If not, and your other option is to buy the season for $20 on Amazon Prime just as digital downloads, pass on that and go here instead because this has been $5 cheaper everywhere I have looked. The special features aren’t much to gander at, some select commentaries on episodes, but for $15 you could do a lot worse.

For those that don’t know, Archer: Danger Island, is set in 1938, just as Japan’s war with China enters its second year and Germany has just annexed Austria and taken Czechoslovakia. The season is yet another one of Archer’s multi-episode hallucinations after being shot and found in Veronica Deane’s pool at the end of the show’s seventh season which then gave prelude to Sterling being in a coma that would eventually lead to the Dreamland saga from the show’s eighth season and continues on in the show’s tenth season with Archer: 1999. 

Read our review of Archer: Danger Island and get the home release here.




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