Disney Channel to air Halloween ’14 marathon featuring familiar animated trio


On Saturday Night, October 4th on Disney Channel, the network is getting ready to reunite the one-time Friday Night lineup of animated series’, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Wander Over Yonder. 

 In what is being billed as a Halloween marathon, this will be the first time we’ve had three original episodes of these three animated series’ in at least a year or so (my math could be wrong here, but it’s been a VERY long time). Kicking off the marathon is an all-new episode of Phineas and Ferb  at 8 pm ET entitled ”Night of the Living Pharmacists” where Doof gets hit with a curse where everyone he touches turns into a zombie-like clone of himself. Included in the episode are guest stars George A. Romero, Simon Pegg as Shaun, and Nick Frost as Ed with the latter two reprising their Shaun of the Dead roles in animated form.

Next up is an all-new episode of Gravity Falls @ 9 pm ET entitled “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”, and last but not least is an all-new episode of Wander Over Yonder. The name of the episode is “The Gift II: The Giftining” and while plot details are scarce, it will air at 9:30 pm ET and will supposedly be ‘ ‘a sequel to ‘Gift’ but airing first” according to show creator Craig McCracken.

Check back for reviews and previews for all.