Did Britain’s Got Talent Ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley Rip-Off Nina Conti In Audition?

I want you back.

The 13th season of Britain’s Got Talent kicked off this past week and it featured an audition by world-renowned ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley doing a rendition that looked very very similar to some of the stuff fellow Brit ventriloquist Nina Conti did on The World’s Best that saw her make it all the way to the top four of the American competition that wrapped a month ago on CBS.

After doing some research, it was noted that Tamley has been doing this bit quite a bit longer than Conti, however, if I were Jimmy I wouldn’t bother having known Nina got very far in her reality competition with this same bit. Had Tamley done so, maybe he wouldn’t have been bounced in the first week of auditions as a result.

Your thoughts?


John Schwarz

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