Dear Lord, A “Blade Runner” Anime Has Been Announced For Adult Swim’s Toonami And I Need To Lie Down

Just go ahead and turn me into a synthetic right now.

Fucking Blade Runner is getting an animated series adaptation from Crunchyroll, Adult Swim, and Alcon Television with 13×30 episodes announced to premiere in English in all territories not including Asia and then Crunchyroll will stream the series internationally. The premise of the series, known as Blade Runner-Black Lotus, is unclear right now, but it will be set ten years later as that excellent Crunchyroll short and will be produced by the same people who did that as well including Sola Digital Arts, Shinji Aramaki, and Kenji Kamiyama with Shinichiro Watanabe as the creative producer.

Our Take

Each of the Blade Runner movies are incredible moments in cinematic history that should be cherished by all. The fact that we’re getting more of what we got with the prequel short has me creaming my pants and then sending the residues to Jason DeMarco’s office in an attempt to get him to answer my phone calls.

John Schwarz

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