DC Universe Reveals “Young Justice: Outsiders” Release Date!

Celebrate the New Year by Crashing the Mode!


After years since the last episode aired on Cartoon Network and years since its return was formally announced, Young Justice: Outsiders finally has a set date for when it lands on DC Universe: January 4th, 2019. A new teaser was released to stoke the fires of hype once more, as images of DNA slide past the Earth and Apokolips, home of A-List villain Darkseid who was seen in the final seconds of the second season.

Like many early cancellations, Young Justice’s unceremonious and abrupt end was a contentious one for its fans, with several campaigns organized by both fans and former staff (including creator Greg Weisman!) to show there was enough demand for the series’ return. In late 2016, those efforts paid off with the news that it would be brought back, and later on that it would be on DC’s new streaming service, DC Universe, which already is jam-packed with programming old and new made specifically for fans of the material, including Young Justice’s first two seasons. Now’s a better time than any to start your binge watch of those 46 episodes before the January premiere.

Because what else are you going to watch on there? Titans? Yeah, right.

Check out the teaser above and stay tuned to Bubbleblabber for future updates.

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