Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons is a different kind of movie to come out of DC. For one, the story is original as opposed to being sourced from an established comic book storyline. What’s more, is this was the first animated film from DC to boast an R rating. Delivering on a much more brutal and mature film than is typical from the publishing company.

Originally Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons was being released as animated shorts that serialized to create the larger story. However, that was quickly put aside, and the feature-length film was released a little over one month ago.The full-length film rounded out the story that the shorts began as well as offering additional footage. 

Overall Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons was a great story with talented animation to back it up. The mature rating helped to bring the anti-villain to a whole new level that we normally wouldn’t get to see out of the superhero genre. Critics praised the original plot and we at Bubbleblabber gave it a glowing score.

Unfortunately, this year has caused some hiccups and we did not get to see the creators discuss the new film as we normally would have at San Diego Comic-Con. Thankfully, DC had a plan of its own to share all of their own in-house announcements. And this weekend DC hosted their own virtual comic-con titled DC Fandome. Events include discussions with comic creators, and upcoming projects from the publishing company. Mixed into all of the great panels were special showcases of DC’s latest animated feature.

Moderator Mark Bernardin (Fatman on Batman) brings us a short Q&A with some of the talents behind Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons. Included was debut director Sung Jin Ahn, as well as cast members Sasha Alexander (Addie), Chris Jai Alex (Jackel), and Griffin Puatu (Jericho).

These panels are great ways to get insights into the production and development of films. The director was able to share about how he could have easily made the film more gratuitous, and the challenges of flipping the format between shorts and a feature-length movie.

Additionally, the cast members were able to share how they approached their characters. This film in particular brought the challenge of having brand-new or unestablished characters. Addie Wilson for example has never been as fleshed out as she has in this movie. 

This gave Sasha Alexander the chance to really make her stand-out. Which she effectively did.

There are also many clips from Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons. So, if you haven’t yet watched the film than these sneak peeks may be what you need to get pumped up to watch it. Though if you haven’t seen it yet, you have probably wasted enough time.

The panel is free to watch and is available through the DC Fandome website. It is worth watching for fans or anybody interested in the production of major animations like this one.

Jesse Bereta

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