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Whilst on The CW upfront presentation, Rick Haskins, President of Streaming and Chief Branding noted that the second half of Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons, will stream in “the next couple of months”. Moreover, CW Seed fans can expect two more animated series to premiere sometime next year. It’s not yet known which characters will be adapted, just that there are more coming.

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons stars Michael Chiklis in the lead role in what is essentially an origin story for the character that has appeared in games, movies, and other TV shows.

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In a recent interview with DC Universe, Patrick Schumacker took a question regarding the pretty funny “Snyder Cut” parody that was part of a recent episode of his co-creation, Harley Quinn. Here’s what he had to say,

Honestly, I put the shirts in there as an internal joke, and assumed those would never make it into the final cut haha. Ultimately these guys were comedic to me because of how deep their toxic fandom ran, (particularly the one guy). And I don’t think he’s representative of all the Snyder Cut enthusiasts AT ALL. In truth, I had cold feet about keeping the shirts but I’m glad we did at the end of the day, and the Snyder Cut fans’ response has been outstanding. Such great sports!

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While some of the other click-bait sites might have you to believe that this is controversial, it really isn’t. Patrick’s right, the joke landed perfectly and the world moved on.

Courtesy: DC Universe
Digital Entertainment Group is reporting that Justice League Dark: Apokolips War(ranked 15) was featured in it’s top 20 most watched digital downloads of the past week, even besting Rick and Morty (ranked 17). The film is the final chapter in the DCEU but you would have never known it from the mostly underwhelming PR campaign leading up to the movie which was largely overshadowed by Warner Home Entertainment’s Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge. Clearly, word-to-mouth got around to how good this film was which led to it’s current success.

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