Creator of “The Simpsons” Named In Deposition Against Jeffrey Epstein

Documents have been released from a deposition made against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who was, until this morning, incarcerated for sex trafficking allegations. The deposition comes from one Virginia Roberts who, in detail, was able to detail numerous underage sexual encounters between Epstein and both herself and notable government officials and celebrities who would frequent visitors to his private island and jet.

One such visitor on his jet, creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening is said to have hitched a ride to Los Angeles in Epstein’s jet. This new report (pages 722/723) just released confirms Matt had hitched the aforementioned plane ride with Epstein and allegedly received a foot massage from Virginia as ordered by Jeff, the former who would’ve been a teenager at the time (the deposition notes she was the age of consent by the time she came in contact with Groening) and was the recipient of personalized drawings from Matt as a gift.

We’ve reached out to Matt’s legal representation for comment but have not heard back as of posting. Other notable names in the report include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and others.

Our Take

So far, these allegations haven’t been proven in courts of law and I’m taking any of these with a grain of salt until I hear a juried decision is made. That said, it doesn’t appear Matt Groening did anything illegal nor was made aware of Epstein’s shenanigans and it’s very common for people with money to share private planes if going to similar routes. Virginia even notes Groening as being very nice during their encounter and wasn’t privy to any other encounters between Matt and Epstein. 

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