“Court of the Dead” Animated Series In Development With “Trese” Producer

This thing sounds bonkers.

Producer Jay Oliva and his Lex and Otis Productions are making a name for themselves in 2019. With projects teaming him with the likes of Zack Snyder and Base Entertainment, Jay finds him at the behest of another property looking to make the leap off the page and into animation and that’s Court of the Dead.

In a collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles, an animated adaptation of Court of the Dead has been announced to be put into development and listen to this synopsis from the company:

The Court of the Dead was created by Tom Gilliland, Sideshow’s Chief Creative Officer. For Tom, who was raised on a diet of heavy metal music and Dungeons & Dragons, the property is his version of a superhero team – a seemingly horrific group of anti-heroes striving for redemption through self-determination. Led by Death (known as the “Alltaker” in this universe), the Underworld must band together the divergent factions of Bone, Flesh, and Spirit to rise up and rebel against the corrupt armies of Heaven and Hell.

Just taking a gander of a guess here, but something tells me this one ain’t for the youngins’ and that’s just fine for us. It’s early, details are skimp, but with Jay already working on insane-sounding content like Trese, this could be a swell series for any streaming service that rhymes with “Retflix”.

[h/t: Sideshow Collectibles]


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