Corner Gas Animated Picked Up For Second Season

Canada’s got an animated winner!

Following the recent announcement of a syndication deal with CTV that includes the show’s first season, The Comedy Network has officially ordered a second season of the smash-hit Canadian adult animated series Corner Gas Animated. 

Corner Gas Animated is a currently running 13-episode Canadian animated television series, created and written by Brent Butt and David Storey. The series is an animated revival of the sitcom Corner Gas (2004–2009)

The series will continue to follow the everyday lives of the residents of the small town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. This series is similar to the original, live-action series, but the creators have acknowledged that the animated format will give them opportunities to do stranger and more unrealistic things that the live-action version could not have depicted or filmed.  For instance, cutaway gags in the animated version have included a Mad Max spoof and a gory fight between a Sasquatch and a unicorn.

Corner Gas Animated is the biggest smash-hit in the history of The Comedy Network.

John Schwarz

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