Comics Review: The Flintstones #11

Find out if you should grab the latest issue of The Flintstones.

We’re near the end of the run for The Flintstones comics series, in what has been at the very least an up and down rollercoaster experience. Some of the rides were fun, while others made me sick, but we still made it.

This month, we the Great Gazoo do his best to tell an outer space team of intergalactic social workers known as “The Neighborhood Association” to not kill the citizens of Earth as they are far too young and haven’t proven themselves useless as of yet.

Speaking of out of towners, Fred, Barney, and the gang are visited by neighbors straight out of the pages of The New Yorker that try to take down controversial statues, setup useless petitions, and do nothing but complain none too dissimilar to everyday life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our Take

I feel like we got an issue featuring quite a few setups, but not enough follow-through in terms of plot, however, I did find a lot of the dialogue pretty hilarious, especially from the “NA” and Fred’s asshole neighbors. Quite honestly, if vegans DID exist during the age of Bedrock, chances are they would’ve all died off by now because how the hell would they have been able to produce some of vegan crap available in stores now! Give me the McRib and I’ll keep on moving.


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